Dundrum Cinema Bi-Steel Core – Dundrum Town Centre

The construction of the Bi-Steel lift core located at Dundrum Cinema, Dundrum Town Centre involved the construction of world’s first modular composite lift core.

Originally, the six-storey (24m) high twin lift core was to be constructed in RC. However, due to time constraints and architectural requirements, this was changed to Corus (now Tata Steel) Bi-Steel panels resulting in the world’s first modular composite lift core.

As a result of this decision, the construction programme was reduced from 8 weeks to 8 days, with the works delivered within programme and within budget.

The Core wall thickness was reduced to 216mm resulting in a greater floor area in the surrounding lobby and retail areas.

The transfer of design data between T. J. O’Connor & Associates, the manufacturer of the Bi-steel panels and the main contractor was completed through RAM structural analysis package to develop the Bi-Steel solution.

To find out more go to the Dundrum Cinema project page.

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