Wexford Town WWTP

T. J. O’Connor & Associates were engaged by Wexford Borough Council to act as client’s representative in connection with the construction a Wastewater Treatment Plant which caters for a loading of 45,000 PE. In addition, the plant incorporates a centralised sludge treatment facility capable of treating sewage sludge for a loading of 80,000 PE, 2km length of 900mm diameter inlet sewer and a 2.5km long 1100mm diamter outfall pipeline to the harbour.

The new treatment plant provides adequate reserve capacity to effectively treat the wastewater for the future development of Wexford town and its environs. Construction of Phase 1 for 30,000 PE commenced in February 2002 and was completed in June 2003 under a DBO contract. Phase 2 extended the capacity of the plant to 45,000 PE and was completed in 2009 and is now fully commissioned.

Start/End Date:

2002 – 2009

Contract Value:



Client’s Representative under the FIDIC Form of Contract with amendments.

Key Features:

  • Commissioning of site investigation works including marine SI works in Wexford Harbour
  • Design and preparation of contract documents for both traditional and design/build/operate contracts
  • Report on tenders received
  • Preparation of Water Services Pricing Policy report
  • Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Foreshore licence application including liaison with the Department of Communications Marine and Natural Resources, Wexford Harbour Commissioners and Wexford Shell fishermen as the harbour is a designated shell fishery
  • PPP Assessment reports
  • Public consultation and Part VIII Planning Process
  • Flow & Load Surveys
  • Construction management and supervision


Works undertaken at the new WWTP (45,000 PE) and Sludge Hub Treatment Centre (80,000) PE included:

  • Inlet pumping station
  • 2km long 900mm diameter inlet sewer
  • Preliminary treatment including screening with fine screening system combined with grit removal tank
  • Storm overflow tanks with capacity of 2850 m3
  • Activated sludge treatment using 4 No. Sequencing Batch Reactors
  • UV disinfection
  • Chemical dosing of the wastewater for nutrient removal
  • Imported sludge acceptance (cake and liquid sludges)
  • Sludge dewatering via centrifuges
  • Thermal drying of the sludge via a belt dryer with an evaporative capacity of 1.3 Tonnes per hour
  • Construction of a 5km long 1100mm diameter final effluent outfall pipe to Wexford Harbour

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