Snugborough Road

This project involved the infrastructure design for a 1,580-unit residential development on a 100-acre site and included 2.8km of local distributor and local access roads and associated services, a stormwater attenuation pond within a 40-acre public park, the diversion of a 21” watermain, undergrounding of a 38kV cable, landfill rehabilitation and detailed services and level design for high density housing clusters. The scheme also entailed structural design for a range of 2, 3 and 4 storey blocks of units.

Planning stage responsibilities included the preparation of EIS sections on water, soils and traffic impacts. The completed public open space area includes a 6,000m2 stormwater pond within the 40 acres public park, which serves as storm water attenuation for the development. The pond incorporates water quality and an amenity feature in addition to flow control.

Start/End Date:

1999 – 2007

Contract Value:



Civil Engineering Designers

Key Features:

  • 3km of distributor and estate roads
  • Watermains distribution network
  • 225-900mm diameter Foul and Surface Water Drainage Network.
  • Diversions of 525mm diameter watermains and 1800mm-2100mm diameter sewers
  • 6,000m2 Attenuation pond
    • Design to CIRIA TN100 Design of Flood Storage Reservoirs
    • Pond situated to minimise cut and fill requirements
    • Recirculation for spillway water from upper pond
    • Reed bed included for water quality improvement
    • Flood relief overland flow route designed
    • Pond design for safe access and public amenity

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