North East Kildare Regional Water Supply Scheme

This project involved the construction of two new in-situ concrete reservoirs at Castlewarden and Ballycaghan with capacities of 10,000m³ and 4,500 m³ respectively. Chlorination buildings were also constructed at each reservoir site.

The project also involved the construction of approximately 34km of Ductile Iron watermains, ranging in diameter from 900mm down to 80mm, incorporating crossings of the River Liffey, Dublin-Cork railway line and the Grand Canal.

Start/End Date:

2005 – 2009

Contract Value:



Full Engineering Services as Client’s Representative

Key Features:

  • 0 km of sewers ranging in size from 225mm dia to 1800mm dia
  • 10,000m³ in-situ concrete reservoir and control building
  • 4,500m³ in-situ concrete reservoir and chlorination building
  • Ductile Iron watermain consisting of the following sizes:
    • 4km of 700 to 900mm diameter
    • 5km of 600mm diameter
    • 5km of 400 to 500mm diameter
    • 3km of 80 to 150mm diameter
  • 28km of 50mm to 150mm cable ducts

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