Munster Blackwater River Flood Alleviation Scheme

The overall objective of this project was the development of a flood alleviation scheme for the protection of the town of Fermoy for a theoretical 1/100-year return period event. Works undertaken with the project included hydrological studies, hydraulic modelling, site investigation and survey specification and management, flood risk assessment, development of options, outline and detailed design and tendering of the construction contract, contract document preparation using the new Department of Finance conditions and management of the construction works.

The scheme includes for the construction of both temporary and permanent demountable walls as well as an earthen embankment on both sides of the Blackwater River, with ancillary drainage and stormwater pumping facilities.

Works on the North Side of the river included the construction of 900m long flood defence works and the construction of storm drains and pumping stations behind the defences to prevent or substantially reduce the periodic localised flooding of lands and property in the area.

Recognition of our innovative civil engineering design solution has been achieved through receipt of the Industry Innovation Award for the Fermoy Flood Alleviation Scheme from the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI).

T. J. O’ Connor & Associates were appointed as PSDP on the scheme and coordinated design inputs from various specialists, both in-house and external, including structural, geotechnical, transportation, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical.

Start/End Date:

Fermoy North (First Phase) May 2002 – 2010

Fermoy South (Second Phase) 2011 – 2013

Contract Value:

€4M     Fermoy North

€15M   Fermoy South


Full Engineering services as Client’s Representative & PSDP

Key Features:

  • Works constructed on the North of the River include:
  • 540m of permanent concrete retaining walls up to 5m in height complete with cladding finish
  • Concrete walls with steel piled sections below to provide an underground flood barrier
  • 70m length of wall on concrete piled foundations
  • Design of 630m of structural embankments up to 4m in height
  • Design of 1,100m of new sewers and river outfalls up to 600mm in diameter
  • Design of two new pumping stations
  • Works on the South of the River include:
  • 400m of earth embankments up to 5m in height
  • 450m of stone clad concrete permanent floodwalls up to 4m in height
  • 400m of stone clad permanent concrete riverside floodwalls in combination with demountable structures
  • 50m of permanent concrete ground beams
  • Underground sheet piles up to 6m deep
  • Concrete bearing piles up to 10m long
  • Diagonal ground anchors up to 10m long
    • Installation of surface water interceptor sewers and pumping stations behind the new flood defences
    • Topographical, ground investigation, buried utility, archaeological, ecological, wildlife and dilapidation surveys
  • Preparation of Public Exhibition Drawings
  • Detailed design, the preparation of construction/tender documents to new government forms of contract
  • Tendering of the works, the assessment of the tenders returned, preliminary assessments of contractors’ competence to act as PSCS and the recommendation of a tender award
  • Coordination of Design inputs, risk assessments and all other functions required under the regulations as PSDP
  • Construction management and supervision

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