Limerick GWS DBO Project

T J O’Connor & Associates were engaged by Limerick County Council to act as Client’s Representative in connection with the construction of new Water Treatment Plants for 19 group water schemes throughout the county.

As part of the project 26 new Water Treatment Plants were constructed, as some schemes have more than one plant. All raw water is from groundwater borehole and spring sources. The new Water Treatment Plants were procured under a single DBO contract. The quality of the raw water requires full treatment for iron and manganese on four of the plants, with the remaining plants just requiring chlorination.

Start/End Date:

Dec 2005 – Mar 2007

Contract Value:



Full Engineering Services as Client’s Representative

Key Features:

  • 26 new Water Treatment Plants with a combined design throughput of 5,927m3/day
  • New borehole wells, pumping stations, raw water pipelines and reservoirs
  • GPRS/web-based telemetry system to a remote/ central control building

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