Dundrum Town Centre – Buildings 3 & 4

Buildings 3 & 4, which comprise 10 & 11 levels incorporating car park, office and retail functions, were constructed in two stages by different main contractors. The initial stage, comprising 6 levels, was constructed as part of the main shopping centre development and was completed in 2005. These buildings were later extended in 2007/2008, under a separate contract, when an additional 4/5 levels were added. Major structural alterations were required to the existing levels to accommodate tenant requirements, including retrofitting lifts, stairs and escalators, which had to be completed while the lower levels units were occupied.


Crossridge Investments Ltd.

Start/End Date:

Mid 2005 – Late 2008

Contract Value:

€52.75M –  2nd Contract only


Structural & Civil Engineers

Key Structural Features:

  • Steel frame construction
  • Slimflor system used on lower levels, with composite metal deck slabs on upper levels
  • Lateral stability provided by concrete cores
  • Major structural alterations required to accommodate tenant requirements
  • Proprietary Slimflor system used on lower levels
  • Lower levels of building occupied during completion of upper levels
  • Slip formed cores used in the initial contract with upper levels later completed using conventional construction
  • Unitised cladding system use requiring close liaison with the Italian cladding sub-contractor.

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