Blocks B, C, D, E & G – Central Park, Leopardstown, Co Dublin

Blocks B, C, and D of the Central Park Development, Leopardstown, each comprise approx.. 7,100m2 of office space on six levels, over 2 basement levels of car parking, with a plantroom level over.

Block E comprises 24,500m2 of state-of-the-art office space on 7 levels, over 2 levels of underground carparking, with a plantroom located over part of the roof. Block E was completed in 2001 and received the prestigious ECCS 2001 European Steel Design Award.

Block G comprises 16,500m2 of state-of-the-art office space on 8 levels over 2 levels of underground car parking. It also features a distinctive curved façade.


Clyde Road Partnership

Start/End Date:

2000 – 2009

Contract Value:

€ 215M


Structural & Civil Engineers

Key Structural Features:

  • In situ RC flat slab minimising structural depth for Blocks B, C and D
  • Block E structure redesigned from RC to Structural Steelwork at short notice
  • Block E structure the first large scale building in Ireland to use Slimdek flooring system
  • 3-levels of concrete construction surrounding main steel frame of Block E to provide podium level
  • Podium structure designed to accommodate Luas Line B Extension, crossing over the carpark.
  • Block E reinforced concrete construction completed in parallel with Structural Steelwork construction
  • Slimdek composite flooring and conventional downstand beams used in Block G structure
  • Block G construction completed in parallel with design
  • Block E received ECCS 2001 European Steel Design Award
  • In-situ concrete framing incorporating flat slabs and steel framing with Slimflor used for car park structures

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