Bishopswater Stream – Flood Alleviation Scheme

The catchment of the Bishopswater Stream in Wexford town has been subject to ongoing urbanisation over many years. This coupled with culverting of the stream, has caused serious flooding in the past.

T J O’Connor & Associates were asked by Wexford County Council to undertake a study of flooding from the Bishopwater Stream, taking account of the Council’s proposals to re-zone much of the remainder of the catchment for development.

The study examined the impact of the complete urbanisation of the catchment using Flood Studies Report methods and assessed the capacity of the culverts and open channels to convey the flows. The study concluded that a flood retention pond in the upper catchment would greatly improve the standards of flood protection.

Start/End Date:

Sept 2002 – Aug 2003 (Construction Works completed)

Contract Value:



Full Engineering Services as Client’s Representative

Key Features:

  • Flood Studies Report Methods (IUH) to dimension pond and outlet controls
  • Design of impounding dam, spillways and outlet controls
  • Gabion wall and embankment designs
  • Upstream and downstream channel improvement works

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