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Cork South Docklands Contamination Study

Given its industrial use since the turn of the 20th century, Cork City Council proposed that a contamination study be undertaken as part of the LAP for the South Docklands. Cork City Council appointed T.J. O’Connor & Associates, in joint venture with DHV, to undertake this contamination study. The objective was to identify possible soil and groundwater contamination by various substances of the various sites and areas within the South Docklands, to model the hydrological situation and to identify potential strategies with indicative solutions. These solutions were required to comply with legislation and with best international practice. The study took place in two phases in the period of June 2005 – April 2007.

The first phase comprised a desk based risk assessment and this was followed up by a comprehensive site investigation which provided field data for the hydrogeological model, which may serve as a basis or tool for several activities, for instance for remedial action design, urban water management plans and/or abstraction calculations for construction works. The site investigation contract included 169 No. trial holes, 92 No. cable percussion boreholes, sediment probes in watercourses and the Atlantic Pond, soil samples from trial holes and boreholes and water samples and pH measurements from monitoring wells.

Start/End Date:

June 2005– April 2007

Contract Value:

€295K (Consultancy fees)


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